Serial No. Name Main Scope Warranty Time 
1 Batching machine Aggregate/weighing hopper/conveyor Frame, body, cylinder, weighing hopper body, vice roller and control device, electronic roller, belt. 6 months
Vibrator, bearing and base, roller base, limit & tension. 3 months
Sensor/Penumatic system Sensor, quick-release valve, magnetic valve (excluding coil).
2 Mixer Main transmission system Motor, angle transmission speed reducer, bearing connector, gimbal bearing. 12 months
Mixing system End arm and hoop, end blade, mixing arm and hoop, blade, locating hole, sealing cover, mixing shaft and end (including bearing), tank plate, end plate.
Hydraulic discharging system Hydraulic power unit (including motor), hydralic oil pipe and joint, cylinder for discharging door, discharging door and bearing base. 
Lubricating system Automatic lubrication pump and motor, lubrication pipe and joint.
Electronic control system Monitor, magnetic valve coil, contactor, switch for oil temperature and level, cover travel switch, discharging door near switch.
Main part Motor, reducer, electronic roller, air compressor, sensor, air conditioner, pressure pump for water discharging.
Submersible pump, pump for additives, accessaries for aggregate silo, level gauge, belt's roller, belt, vibrator, hanger shaft. 6 months
Electronic control system Contactor, relay, button, camera.
IPC, monitor, printer, PLC, power supply, ups, video multiplexer, junction box, cylinder. 12 months
Pneumatic system Cylinder, butterfly, air tank, pipe and joint.
magnetic valve, quick-release valve, pneumatic triplex.  6 months
Quick-wear part Hopper's blade, chain.
Chain, triangle belt, dust collector's filter element, bag, rubber strip. 3 months
Light, printing material, fuse core,  belt scraper strip, oil. No
3 Main building Steel structure for main building. 6 months
4 Weighing system Hopper, cement/fly ash/additive/water weighing system, pneumatic system Frame, body, discharging door and its bearing, cylinder, vibrator, butterfly.
Vibrator, sensor, additive pump, water pump, pressure pump, quick-release valve, magnetic valve (excluding coil). 3 months
5 Dust collector 6 months
6 Charging belt conveyor Conveyor frame, vice roller and control device (including bearing and its base), electric roller, belt.
7 Air system Air compressor.
8 Cement silo Silo body, dust collector.
Magnetic valve (excluding coil). 3 months
9 Screw conveyor Middle hanger shaft and end shaft (including sealing parts, bearing).
Conveyor pipe and blades, motor, speed reducer.  6 months
10 Electric control system, operation room, monitoring system Control cabinet, power supply cabinet, IPC, printer, monitor, video multiplexer.
Contractor, control button, camera. 3 months